About the People

DFT is a customer driven, technology-oriented company which consists of a number of core team members and ad-hoc engineers. DFT’s team of engineers boasts a proven track record with years of experience in the aerospace, defense, utility, energy storage, and power electronics industries. Lead by individuals with over 30 years of experience in corporate business operations and manufacturing, the DFT team can tackle the most challenging of projects and timelines to meet and exceed the needs of the customer.

Kent Kristensen, Chairman/CEO: Kent has 28 years of corporate business development, operations and advanced manufacturing experience. Kent has served as interim CEO, corporate advisor and board member with several clean-tech start-up companies related to Electric Vehicles, Charging Infrastructure, SmartGrid, Alternative Power Generation, and Energy Storage technologies.

Tom Vo, Chief Engineer/CTO: Tom holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, where his research focus was on the topic of battery control systems. Tom has served as Electrical Engineer for numerous engineering firms including NASA Glenn Research Center, in addition to years of engineering consulting experience.

Courtney Gras, President/COO : Courtney holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business. Courtney has served as Electrical Engineer for both Lockheed Martin and NASA Glenn Research Center in Power Systems Development. Courtney also served as Mission Manager on the Lunar Surface Systems Team at NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies.

Terence Baptiste, VP of Finance & Administration: Terence holds a JD/MBA as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Terence has served as accountant for T. Rowe Price Associates. Shortly after, Terence transitioned to the legal department as a compliance specialist where he was responsible for, preparing various filings for regulatory agencies and researching issues pertaining to foreign and domestic securities.

This project team is advised by both in-house senior engineers and executives, and University faculty. The bios of supporting team members are as follows:

Dr. Tom T. Hartley, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Akron: Dr. Hartley’s primary area of expertise include battery dynamics, modeling, and management. Dr. Hartley serves as advisor to DFT.

Contracted Participants:

Sam Mahmodicherati, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics)

Richard Johnson, Electronics Technician: Electronics engineering consultant

Ben Chafee, Mechanical Design Technician: Mechanical design consultant

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